def calculate_phases_score(aneurysm_size, age, hypertension, smoking): score = 0 # Calcola il punteggio in base alla dimensione dell'aneurisma if aneurysm_size <= 7: score += 1 elif aneurysm_size <= 15: score += 2 else: score += 3 # Calcola il punteggio in base all'età if age <= 60: score += 1 else: score += 2 # Calcola il punteggio in base all'ipertensione if hypertension: score += 2 # Calcola il punteggio in base al fumo if smoking: score += 3 return score # Esempio di utilizzo phases_score = calculate_phases_score(10, 65, True, True) print("Il phases score è:", phases_score) middle meningeal artery – Lab Neurovascolare

The future of neurosurgery

When the news got out that Edison was developing the first practical electric light bulb, not everyone was impressed. A British Parliament Committee noted that Edison’s light bulb was “unworthy of the attention of practical or scientific men” and a chief engineer for the British Post Office said that the “subdivision of the electric light is an Read more about The future of neurosurgery[…]