def calculate_phases_score(aneurysm_size, age, hypertension, smoking): score = 0 # Calcola il punteggio in base alla dimensione dell'aneurisma if aneurysm_size <= 7: score += 1 elif aneurysm_size <= 15: score += 2 else: score += 3 # Calcola il punteggio in base all'età if age <= 60: score += 1 else: score += 2 # Calcola il punteggio in base all'ipertensione if hypertension: score += 2 # Calcola il punteggio in base al fumo if smoking: score += 3 return score # Esempio di utilizzo phases_score = calculate_phases_score(10, 65, True, True) print("Il phases score è:", phases_score) Education – Lab Neurovascolare





Slides and lessons from the most important congresses and courses of the neurovascular scene. Take care and share the knowledge.

Thursday September 8, 2016 - Joint Meeting with EANSFriday September 9, 2016 - Stroke morning session with ESOSaturday September 10, 2016

New devices

Enrol the first patient into an RCT? (yes/no) (J. Raymond/J. Moret)

Intraneurysmal flow disruptors – ready for prime time? YES (S. Cekirge)

Intraneurysmal flow disruptors – ready for prime time? NO (C. Cognard)

Imaging as primary trial endpoint – NO (P. White/C. Stapf)

Recent studies

THRACE: follow-up and lessons learned (S. Bracard)

THERAPY: follow-up and lessons learned (J.D. Mocco)

ARUBA: follow-up and lessons learned (C. Stapf)

Imaging of intervention

Imaging based intervention planning (L. Spelle)

Advanced intraprocedural imaging (J.H. Buhk)

Imaging follow up of intervention – when and how? (A. Dorfler)

Delegate cases

Parenchymal AV-fistula with mesencephalic bleeding: a pre-existing or post-hemorrhagic entity? (Z. Kulcsar)

Is there a source of bleeding? MRI will help (A. Pellaton)

A “suspended” case (C. Michelozzi)

Difficult case of MCA aneurysm with branches arising from the dome – combination of advanced endovascular techniques (M. Mis)

Alternative detachment technique for electrically detachable coils (Y. Kim)

Case of not expanded proximal part of P64 FLOW DIVERTER stent and dealing with it (M.Mis)

Combination of WEB and Fred Jr for aneurysm treatment: Is it useful? (L. Pierot)

Direct aspiration first pass technique vs. stent-retriever supported mechanical thrombectomy in acute basilar artery occlusion. A retrospective single center experience (A. Abramyuk)

dual WEB treatment in acute SAH (M. Bester)

Wide Neck MCA Aneurysm Embolization with pCONus Remodeling: Prospective Deployment and Sizing Test in Patient Specific FLOWMODDA 3D Printed Aneurysm model (A. Kemmling)

Innovation in Cerebrovascular Science 2016
Flow diversion for posterior circulation aneurysmsInnovations in Neurocritical careInnovations in hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke
OCIN 2016
WLNC 2016

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SIMI 2016
Day 1Day 2Day 3
Advanced Imaging for Interventional Neurosurgery